Janet Reynolds is a Multidisciplinary Artist, Word Painter, Naturalist. 

As a creative individual, I sometimes find challenge in the algorithms and constraints of social media.  This site is my alternative for mutual expression and connection with you, beyond those limitations.  I have two blogs where I welcome conversation with you:

Conversation is the more conversational and reflective blog, in the moment. It’s an opportunity to connect with you in conversation. So, comment away! 

Visual Art and Writings serves as a gallery to post my more formalized writings and visual art, in continuity.  In the comments, share whatever each piece sparks for you.

You’re invited to subscribe to one or both. You can feel very easy and free to unsubscribe at any time. Find an email subscription form on each blog.  May this serve us both, exceedingly well.

Creating is a dynamic venture. Engaging with this endeavor always yields new revelations. It invites me to reflect, refine and find solutions, never before brought to light. I enjoy the excitement of this process, whether it is on my own or in community. Art provides me with limitless opportunities, as a lifelong learner. It is at once, teacher, solace, spark and science experiment.  I am fortunate, indeed, to live aligned with my passion.

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